14th Oct 2014

While federally backed student loans offer favorable rates and, in the case of subsidized loans, help you avoid substantial interest payments while you’re in school, these loans aren’t for everyone. There are limits on how much you can borrow, and … more

8th Oct 2014

Student loan risk is real, and most student loan co-signers are parents for one simple reason: when people actually do the research about what’s involved in co-signing a student loan, parents are typically the only ones willing to take on such a risk. … more

22nd May 2014

This is the third part in a series of articles Skrupa Law Office is publishing discussing some of the most common reasons why people find themselves needing to file for bankruptcy. Part Two discussed job loss as a major factor … more

15th May 2014

The last blog edition focused on helping you to realize that if you are currently experiencing financial turmoil, you are not alone. In this Part Two, we will examine one of the reasons why people find themselves needing to file … more