Skrupa Law Office, LLC has represented thousands and thousands of clients throughout Nebraska. No other law firm in Nebraska even comes close to this number of bankruptcy filings. The in-depth experience gives us the skills needed to handle even the most difficult debt problems.

Why Choose Skrupa Law Office

Frank Skrupa - Skrupa Law Office LLC

Frank Skrupa
Skrupa Law Office LLC

You have many options when it comes to Nebraska law firms or bankruptcy attorneys, so why choose us for your bankruptcy needs?

Choose Skrupa Law Office, LLC, because bankruptcy is all we do, because we have handled thousands of bankruptcies and because we have the skills needed to help you too.

At Skrupa Law Office, LLC, our motto is “compassionate guidance through your troubled times.” We give our clients quality legal representation at affordable prices without preaching at them.

Frank Skrupa is only one of three lawyers in the state of Nebraska to hold national board certification. He is also the only one to have achieved this certification since the new bankruptcy code was enacted.

It is to your advantage to select a Nationally Board Certified Bankruptcy specialist to represent you. This ensures that you will be working with an attorney who is specialized in the area of bankruptcy law. You wouldn’t selected to go to a doctor who wasn’t board certified, so why would you select to go to an attorney who is not board certified?

Choose Skrupa Law Office, LLC, because bankruptcy is all we do. Call and talk with one of our bankruptcy professionals today in Lincoln or Omaha, or fill out this contact form!


Frank, thank you ever so much for all you have done for us (and your patience). Having a great attorney like you is such a relief! When we were standing in the hall at the federal building waiting to go in-the one attorney out there said this was his first chapter 13! We will be sure and recommend you to anyone we know in need of your services. Once again- MANY, MANY, thanks!! You’re the BEST!! All our thanks and gratitude!

- C. L. Director

Frank, Thanks so much you are always doing for us. You don’t know how much we appreciate it. It’s unfortunate all attorneys are not like you. It seems there are some that wouldn’t get excited or in gear if you lit a fire under them! Like we told you before, you’re the best! Have a nice holiday season and talk to you soon (hopefully-ha!) PS. We’ve enclosed a program from our mom’s funeral. She really thought you were a wonderful attorney!

- R.T. - Dentist

I would just like to thank Skrupa Law Office for the excellent work and for helping us. Thanks to Frank, he is terrific. My husband and I are very satisfied and grateful. Thank you.

- D.J.G

Frank’s kindness and expertise put me at ease right from the start. He helped me greatly. When I told him I felt embarrassed, and ashamed, he took a long time with me and helped me feel better and told me to hold my head up. His humor and friendliness REALLY made my experience with Skrupa Law Office a very positive one. Frank’s thoroughness and friendliness put me at ease.

- T.A., Producer

Thank you all for helping us get through our bankruptcy. You all treated us so well and always showed us kindness and patients. our hard work has given us a new start in our lives. We sincerely thank you ALL of you.

- J.G, Manufacturing